Tuberculosis detection CE approved


Pointcare M/V*

On-site all in one Blood Analyzer Chemistry + Electrolyte(PH ) + Immunoassay
M*=Medical V*=Veterinary

Small in size (2.2Kg) yet big on accuracy, reliability and reproducible, the Pointcare M3 delivers real-time blood chemistry (immunoassay) diagnostic information for patients. Contact your Genprice Office or distributor for a free demo Unit.

Product Overview

Connect with space technology, Point-care M reagent discs are fully self-contained chemistry panels designed to address a variety of conditions. Just about 100ul of whole blood are required to deliver up to 17 accurate results.
From sample to complete results in 3 simple steps in approximately 13 minutes

Add sample

100 ul whole blood, serum or plasma,
and 425ul diluent.
Insert disc
walk-away operation,
self calibrates with every test run.
Read results
printed via computer or
Bluetooth printer

Product Overview

Parameter 32 tests in 9 panels (medical) /30 tests in 12 panels (veterinary) Sample Type Whole blood, Plasma, Serum Sample Size 100μl panel information QR code information: calibration data, tests combination and more. Time to Results Ca. 10 minutes Power Requirement AC 100V-240V, 50-60HZ Print report Via PM3 data platform (computer printer) or external Thermal Printer(Optional ) User Interface Touch screen,3.5 inch Color LCD / PM3 data platform Interfaces 3G、WIFI、USB2.0、Bluetooth、Support LIS

Product Overview (Medical Panels)

Panels Chemistry Liver Function Panel Lyophilized Kit(11) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、TBIL、DBIL、IBIL*、ALT、AST、 GGT、ALP Renal Function Panel Lyophilized Kit(7) CRE、UREA、UA、CO2、Ca2+、P、ALB Electrolyte Panel Lyophilized Kit(7) K+、Na+、Cl-、CO2、Ca2+、Mg2+、P Myocardial Enzyme Panel Lyophilized Kit(5) CK、CK-MB、LDH、α-HBDH、AST Glucose and Lipid Panel Lyophilized Kit(6) TG、CHOL、HDL-C、LDL-C*、GLU、GSP Clinical Emergency Lyophilized Kit(13) CK、CK-MB、Cl-、K+、UA、Na+、CO2、GLU、AMY、CRE、α-HBDH、LDH、AST Liver and Renal Function Lyophilized Kit(11) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、TBIL、ALT、AST、GGT、UREA、CRE、GLU General Chemistry Ⅰ Lyophilized Kit(17) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、TBIL、DBIL、IBIL*、ALT、AST、UREA、CRE、UA、 GLU、TG、CHOL、HDL-C、LDL-C* General Chemistry Ⅱ Lyophilized Kit(8) K+、Na+、Cl-、CO2、GLU、CRE、UREA、AMY Coming soon HCY、 CHE、 TBA and more

Panels Electrolyte Electrolyte Panel Lyophilized Kit(7) K+、Na+、Cl-、tCO2、Ca2+、Mg2+、P Coming soon PH

Panels Immunoassay Coming soon CRP、 SAA、 CYS-C and more

Product Overview (Veterinary Panels)

Panels Chemisty Health Checking Profile(16)

TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、ALT、ALP、TBIL、CRE、BUN、BUN/CRE*、GLU、CHOL、CK、 AMY、Ca2+、P Preanesthetic Profile(7) TP、ALT、ALP、CRE、BUN、BUN/CRE*、GLU Preanesthetic Profile Plus(10) TP、ALT、AST、ALP、CRE、BUN、BUN/CRE*、GLU、CK、LDH Liver & Kidney Profile(12) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、ALT、AST、GGT、TBIL、CRE、BUN、BUN/CRE* 、GLU Liver Profile(11) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALB/GLO*、ALT、AST、GGT、ALP、TBIL、DBIL、IBIL* Kidney Profile(10) TP、UA、CRE、ALB、BUN、BUN/CRE*、K+、Ca2+、P、TCO2 Critical Care Profile(10) ALT、CRE、BUN、BUN/CRE*、GLU、K+、Na+、Na+/K+*、Cl-、TCO2 Ammonia(1) NH3 Triple Tests Profile(12) TP、ALB、GLO*、ALT、ALP、TBIL、CRE、BUN、CHOL、CK、AMY、Ca2+ Avian&Reptile Panel(14) TP、ALB、GLO*、A/G*、AST、UA、GLU、CK、K+、Na+、Na+/K+*、Cl-、Ca2+、P Large Animal Diagnostics(11) ALB、ALP、AST、BUN、Ca2+、CK、GGT、GLO*、Mg2+、P、TP Coming soon HCY、 CHE、 TBA and more
Panels Electrolyte Electrolytes Profile(8) K+、Na+、Na+/K+*、Cl-、Ca2+、Mg2+、P、tCO2 Coming soon PH
Panels Immunoassay Coming soon CRP、 SAA、 CYS-C and more
MNCHIP is licensed as a medical device manufacturer in accordance with the CFDA(China