Oxygenation Profiles of Human Blood, Cell Culture Medium, and Water for Perfusion of 3D-Bioprinted Tissues using the FABRICA Bioreactor Platform.

Persistent and saturated oxygen distribution from perfusion media (i.e., blood, or cell culture media) to cells within cell-dense, metabolically-active biofabricated tissues is required to keep them viable. Improper or poor oxygen supply to cells within the tissue bulk severely limits the tissue culturing potential of many bioreactors.

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We added an oxygenator module to our modular FABRICA bioreactor in order to provide stable oxygenation to biofabricated tissues during culture. In this proof of concept study of an oxygenated and perfused bioreactor, we characterized the oxygenation of water, cell culture medium, and human blood in the FABRICA as functions of augmenting vacuum (air inlet) pressure, perfusion (volumetric flow) rate, and tubing/oxygenator components.